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Update your Space on a Budget - Part 1

So many people watch home DIY shows and bitten by the "update my space" bug.  Well, I would love to help you!  Many times you want to change the spaces you use and bathrooms.  Sometimes those space are the most expensive to renovate.  I can help you update those spaces on a budget.

Let's begin with countertops.  Many times those seem like a daunting problem.  Some people feel like the only solution is to replace them.  That can be very expensive.  That isn't the only solution.  You can refinish them for much less.  I will walk you thru the process.

We will be using Dixie Belle Products for this makeover......First you need to clean the countertop with White Lightning.  Then apply your first coat of Slick Stick.  Allow it to dry completely (waiting at least an hour).  Apply your second coat of Slick Stick, allowing it to sit 24 hours.  Now you are ready to apply the finish of your choice.  You can apply 2 coats of your favorite Dixie Belle Paint color or even finish your countertops to look like granite or aged copper.  The how to video can be found by clicking HERE.